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Porfirio Salinas

Texas Artist


      Porfirio Salinas (1910-1973) was a San Antonio artist and a household name in Texas, who was noted for his splendid landscapes of the Texas Hill Country.

     Salinas was mostly self-taught as to technique. He would contact artists such as Jose Arpa, Robert Wood, Alice Chilton, Dawson-Watson and others for short study and would spend time at the Witte studying works displayed there.

     Salinas would sketch from his car on trips while his wife was driving and remember the colors and paint in his studio from memory.  Salinas paints in the same wonderful way as a musician plays by ear.  His color memory is just as marvelous as perfect pitch.

     Salinas sold his first picture to his teacher in the 3rd grade. By the time he was 20 (1930), the Pabst Gallery downtown San Antonio agreed to handle all he could paint.

     Lyndon Johnson started buying his works while a Senator and continued on when President. John Connally and Sam Rayburn also collected his works.

Porfirio Salinas in front of his
home with art dealer
Dewey Bradford

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