Robert Preusser
1919-1992 Houston, Texas

     Robert Preusser was a  Expressionist artist painting in Mixed Media and Oil born in Houston, Texas.

      He studied in Houston with Ola McNeill Davidson; in Chicago at the Chicago School of Design and with Laslo Maholy; Robert Wolff. Art Center School in Los Angeles and Newcomb School of Art in New Orleans.

      While in Texas, Preusser taught at the Houston Museum Fine Arts.

     Dominique de Menil arranged for Max Ernst and Alexander Calder to visit Preussers Houston Studio in Spring Branch. Pruesser was experimenting with plastic paint on plexiglas at the time of the visit.

     After leaving Houston, he taught at Harvard University and then became a Professor at MIT for 31 years. 

      Robert Preusser participated in many exhibits and solo shows. The first painting he exhibited, when only 16, was at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and won an honorable mention the next year.



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