Jamie Maverick
     Jamie Maverick (1933-2016)

     Raised on her grandfather’s dairy farm Sunshine Ranch near what is now Balcones Heights, Maverick had an idyllic childhood. Part of a large extended family who all lived on the property, Maverick was especially close to her grandmother, who was an artist.

      Showing a talent for fine art at a young age, Maverick received rigorous training with the renowned Pompeo Coppini, who sculpted the Spirit of Sacrifice honoring the Battle of the Alamo.

      Concentrating mostly on painting, Maverick later started working with redwood, carving plaques and transitioning to three-dimensional pieces, which could be put in motion with the turn of a crank.

      Jamie could take a hunk of wood and turn it into something magical. Working for weeks or months at a time, Maverick would be up banging away in her artist’s studio by 5 a.m with hammer and chiseling. She had incredible creativity and at the end of the day would start to emerge a beautiful piece of artwork.

     Maverick is perhaps best known for her wood sculptures and animated wood sculptures such as Hocus Pocus, which depicts a magician sawing his assistant in half during a magic act. Her work has been shown in several galleries and shows, including in Dallas, Arkansas, Arizona and California.

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