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Family and Friends of the Artists

Art for History's Sake 1993 by Steinfeldt

Art & Artists of Texas 1935 by O'Brien

A History of Texas Artists & Sculptors 1928 by Fisk

Dictionary of Texas Artists (1800-1945) 1999 by Grauer

An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West 1998 by Kovinick

Bluebonnets & Cactus - An album of southwestern paintings by Porfirio Salinas 1967
by Pemberton Press

Frank Reaugh, Painter to the Longhorns 1985 by Texas A&M University Press

Boyer Gonzales, 1864-1934 "With Bold Strokes" 1997 by Edward Simmen

Mary Bonner - Impressions of a Printmaker 1982 by Mary Carolyn Hollers George

Texas Folk Art - One Hundred Fifty Years of the Southwestern Tradition 1981 by Steinfeldt

The Onderdonk Family of Texas Painters 1976 by Steinfeldt/San Antonio Museum Asso.

Samuels' Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West 1976 by Samuels

Mantle Fieldings Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers 1986 by Apollo Book

Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide by R.J. Davenport

Texas A & M College

Texas Art and a Wildcatter's Dream 1998 by Reaves

Texas Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists 2000 by Powers

University of Texas

Handbook of Texas

Early El Paso Artists 1983 by Price

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