Thomas Matthew Stell

     Thomas Matthew Stell (1898-1981) A Texas Native born in Cuero, Texas.

     Stell studied at the National Academy of Design from 1924 to 1929 and exhibited there and won two times the prestigious Prix de Rome contest. 

     After his studies at the National Academy of Design, Stell returned to Dallas, Texas to teach at the Dallas Art Institute and the Dallas Architectural Club. Later he retuned to New York to study art history and education at the Columbia University. He then taught in New Jersey High Schools in the early 30's.

     Returning to Dallas to teach in the 30's, some of his students were William Lester, Lloyd Goff, Florence McClung, Everett Spruce and others. Stell also participated with the Dallas Nine in the Lone Star Printmakers and was a member of the Dallas Artists League.  

   Thomas Stell was best known for his portraits using simplified forms and precise draftsmanship.

    Stell was widely exhibited and some of his important exhibits were the State Fair of Texas 1933; 1936 Centinnial Exposition at the Dallas Museum of Art; 1939 Golden Gate Exposition; National Academy of Design winning honorable mention in 1928; Allied Artists Exhibits winning many mentions and awards; and many others.

     In 1968 Stell was commissioned by Tesoro Petroleum Corporation to design and construct a 9' x 13' mural on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.  



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