Jose Aceves

      Jose Aceves (1909-1968) Inspired by Audley Dean Nicols at an early age, Jose Aceves learned the foundations of art in school from his teacher Emma Giddings. He later had instruction from Audley Dean Nicols, Tom Lea and at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He additionally studied under Eugene Thurston. 
      One of his paintings was included in the 1936 Centennial Exposition at the Dallas Museum of Art in 1936 and he co-directed the Paso Del Norte Exhibit at the Centennial. He displayed his paintings in El Paso with gallery space at the Del Norte Hotel and was awarded several mural commissions during the depression.

Specializing in Early Texas Art Since 1988




       During WWII he worked for a period of time as an illustrator for the War Department.


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