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Dawson Watson 1927
30x40 Oil on Canvas
1927 was DW's best Texas Year

Audley Dean Nicols
Lady in White - Museum Exhibited

Rolla Taylor
Big Bend, Texas

Berla Emeree

Grace Spaulding John
Dated 1920

Viveano Lopez

Julian Onderdonk
6x9 Oil on Wood Panel Sold

Dawson Dawson-Watson
21x16 Oil on Canvas SOLD

Jose Arpa SOLD
Overlooking San Antonio
, Texas

Fred Binder Samuelson
30x40 Mixed-Media Collage

Peter Lanz Hohnstedt
A Fine Example

Rolla Taylor 1924

Fred Darge

Self Portrait WWI

Julian Onderdonk Sold

Coreen Mary Spellman

Fred Darge
Ink Drawing from Darge Estate

Jose Arpa Sold

Mary Antia Bonner SOLD

Grace Spaulding John
Watermelon Vendors 1934 Sold

Porfirio Salinas Sold
Fine Early 1930's Work

Peter Lanz Hohnstedt
Moses, St. Peters St., New Orleans

Edward M. (Buck) Schiwetz SOLD
Center Point Depot Country Store

E. Richardson Cherry Sold

Theodore Gentilz Sold

Harry Anthony DeYoung
16x20 Oil on Canvas SOLD

Mary Anita Bonner
Drypoint Etching Dated 1932 Sold

Fred Binder Samuelson

Julian Onderdonk
Coreopsis North of San Antonio
Looking Towards Twin Sisters

Carl Thomas Hoppe
Cactus off Huebner Road SOLD

Peter Lanz Hohnstedt Sold

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Jose Arpa  Sold


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