Mary Anita Bonner


     Mary Anita Bonner (1887-1935) was born in Bastrop, Louisiana and she and her family moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1897. She received her formal education in the US & Europe. Bonner studied with Robert Jenkins Onderdonk in San Antonio and later in northern states under Richard Miller and Bolton Brown. In 1922 she stayed the summer in Woodstock visiting relatives, where she first became interested in print making. In 1924 she moved to Paris, France and started her print making studies with Edouard Leon, which she remained for numerous years.

     Mary Bonner was known as the Texas Girl-Etcher of Cowboys. Her sparkling ingenuity, humorous originality and sure craftsmanship in cowboy friezes have won recognition that remains entirely her own. In the 1920's, some European critics called her the greatest woman etcher America has yet produced. In 1925 she was admitted with the greatest French etchers in the two Salons de la Societe des Artistes Francais. In her first exhibition of the two Salons, she won honorable mention. This was outstanding, as it was the first time an American woman had ever been so honored.

      During her artistic career Mary traveled from Texas to Europe many times. After 1929 she remained in San Antonio. She was active in San Antonio cultural affairs and continued producing prints and watercolors of Cowboy scenes and local attractions.

      Mary died in 1935 from complications from surgery.


in works by Mary Bonner




     Since 1988 we have had all of the etchings created by the artist.

Always looking to purchase fine examples of Mary Anita Bonner's etchings.  Please call or email to discuss your art by Bonner and other Early Texas Artists and obtaining a free and accurate evaluation & offer or acquiring art for your collection.


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